Painless Laser Dentistry in Bradenton FL

If you or your child suffers from dental anxiety and would like to experience the gentle power of laser dentistry in Bradenton FL,  you've come to the right place. Dr. Michael O'Neil has been practicing laser dentistry and offering this innovative, anxiety-free dental service for many years.

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laser dentistry in bradenton fl

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a more gentle dental procedure that involves the use of soft and hard tissue lasers for greater precision, safety, and comfort to the patient compared to traditional invasive treatment options. Most patients will agree that laser dentistry provides a more comfortable experience, with practically no pain and often with better results for a number of procedures compared to the use of drills or other traditional dental tools that cause so many dental anxiety.

Dental lasers have a wide variety of uses and applications in oral care, and Dr. O’Neil takes pride in offering this innovative approach to his patients.

Laser dentistry in Bradenton FL for Anxiety-Free dental care.

Let’s be honest, there are many individuals not only the young ones who do not enjoy the idea of going to the dentist. Studies show that 36% of the population have dental fear or anxiety and 12% suffer from extreme dental phobia. This fear can have serious consequences on the individual’s oral health since most of these afraid individuals will forgo the necessary routine cleanings, checkups, and preventive dental treatments. 

This is where laser dentistry can play a big role in helping these individuals since lasers are much more gentle, practically painless, and can offer a much more pleasant dental experience. Dr. O’Neil is an expert in using the latest state-of-the-art laser technology to help those dealing with dental anxiety achieve great oral health and beyond.

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What are some other benefits of laser dentistry

Besides making the dental visit less painful and more comfortable, lasers offer many advantages compared to traditional dentistry, including:

  • Less need for Anesthesia
  • Much faster recovery
  • Minimal if any damage to surrounding tissue
  • Minimizes the necessity for sutures
  • Prevents infection as lasers sterilize the area
  • Speeds up teeth whitening
  • Minimize Bleeding
  • Faster wound healing and tissue regeneration
  • Removal of decay from teeth without injections or drilling
  • Can fix the “gummy smile” without costly cosmetic procedures
  • and more
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We use the most advanced dental laser technology

Not all dental laser technology is created equal and here at Complete Esthetic Dentistry, we make sure our patients have the best of the best. 

The Fotona LightWalker ATS is the most advanced and most effective laser on the market today and when you pair such technology with the experience like Dr. O’Neil has, you get remarkable results and limitless possibilities. 

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